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Mission Statement


We are…

Missionary Baptist who are trying to be today’s church in today’s world which for us begins in Central Virginia.


In faithfulness to the Gospel, we seek to develop an inclusive, ecumenical, evangelical, and socially relevant ministry to our own communities and beyond.


The problems and opportunities facing us as Christians demand creative and flexible responses within the framework of our Baptist convictions.


Diverse in out ways of seeking to carry out this ministry, we have in common the purpose of work together to help build God’s Kingdom among us.


At present we number more than 40 congregations in the city of Richmond, Virginia; Midlothian, Virginia; Henrico, Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, and Louis Counties. Congregations continue to indicate interest in joining this growing fellowship.


Most of us have alignment with other Baptist conventions and organizations. In these cases we feel that Tuckahoe Baptist Association alignment gives new options and additional resources for our ministries.

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